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LA PEAUX Beauty & Wellness Consultant

LA PEAUX Beauty & Wellness Consultant

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Join our community and become a member of LA PEAUX'S Beauty & Wellness Consultants worldwide.

Let's build a network of LA PEAUX Beauty & Wellness Consultants around the globe using a range of global network marketing beauty and wellness products complemented with luxury LA PEAUX beauty and spa experience whether you need skincare, makeup or health and wellbeing products, we have you covered.

Our franchise-inspired approach empowers you to cultivate what we envision as a luxurious brand service. As an LA PEAUX Boutique Spa Salon owner or LA PEAUX Beauty & Wellness Consultant, you source your beauty and wellness products from Nu Skin and then offer top-tier spa treatments. You're not merely vending products; you're curating an experience that epitomizes sophistication and elegance, setting you apart in the network marketing industry as a top-notch service provider.

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LA PEAUX Beauty & Wellness Consultants inclusions:

·      Uniforms: Classy and elegant branded uniform - Choose White or Charcoal.

·      LA PEAUX: LA PEAUX T-Shirt and Golden Circle Cap.

·      Tools and Resources: You will have all the tools and resources to ensure your success.

·      Ongoing Training and Support: We ensure your readiness for success by providing access to Nu Skin's array of tools, resources, and training. Additionally, with LA PEAUX, we inspire you through the Inner Golden Circle Club, empowering you on your journey towards excellence.

·      Monthly Magazines: Stay informed and inspired.

·      Golden Circle Membership: Lifetime Golden Circle Membership.

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Live the Life of Your Dreams with Us

Embrace the lifestyle of your dreams as a LA PEAUX Beauty & Wellness Consultant. You'll find freedom and opportunity with the flexibility to work from any corner of the globe where Nu Skin operates. As an Independent Nu Skin Business, we elevate the Nu Skin experience with our brand luxury home service. Additionally, we provide financial incentives to our team members, empowering them to establish and grow a thriving business from the ground up.

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