LA PEAUX Ambassadors FAQ


Q: Can you tell me about the Ambassadorship?

A: Ambassadors are independent contractors and independent ASEA distributors.  

Q: What are the responsibilities of an Ambassador?

A: LA PEAUX Ambassadors are people who represent the LA PEAUX brand and have multiple options available to them. They can sponsor other individuals, and in doing so, earn commissions and booking fees every time someone books a service on our website. Additionally, they can act as LA PEAUX Beauty Consultants, providing ASEA skincare or spa services to potential customers, other Ambassadors, or potential ASEA associates.

Q: What is the requirement to join as an Ambassador?

A: To become an ambassador and join this unique concept, you must pay an Ambassador fee of $990.00 and become an independent associate under Jacqualine Timms at ASEA. You should use and embrace the ASE products. We believe they are great.

Q: What benefits do I receive as an Ambassador?

A: Our goal is to establish a professional beauty service provider for a team of independent ASEA associates. To introduce this concept to the market, we have implemented a team-building structure. As an LA PEAUX Ambassador, we value your role as a representative and promoter of LA PEAUX, and we offer competitive compensation. You have the opportunity to create teams of professional beauty consultants who can also become Ambassadors, thereby expanding and growing your LA PEAUX business.

Q: What products and services do you offer?

A: LA PEAUX has created a business that allows you to build a profitable business right from the start. We offer a range of professional salon products for manicures and pedicures, as well as tools and other resources. Additionally, we provide skincare boosters such as anti-aging products and Australian-made mineral makeup for everyday wear. We even offer natural domestic cleaners. Moreover, you'll have access to JB Beauty, Housemaid, Housekeeper and VIP Concierge services, and receive a 10% booking fee every time someone books a service.

Q: What types of Ambassadorships do you offer? 

A: 1 Ambassadorship with a yearly $99.00 subscription fee.

Q: Do you offer a cooling-off period? 

A: There is no cooling-off period, so please make sure this is what you want to do.

Q: Is an Ambassadorship refundable?

A: This is non-refundable. Please be mindful of that. We will highlight that at the end of each service. 

Q: Why is the Ambassadorship non-refundable?

A: While we understand your desire for a refund after purchasing and using the service, the reason we may not be able to process it is that we have already disbursed payments to staff and stockists and covered other fees associated with your membership, which, as you can appreciate, is substantial. 

Q: What do I need to do when I want to become an Ambassador?

A: It's easy, simply purchase the right to use your skills. By reading and acknowledging the terms and conditions at checkout, they are deemed accepted.


Q: Have you partnered with ASEA?

A: No, we have not partnered with ASEA. Jacqualine Timms is the founder of LA PEAUX and Jacqualine's Beauty, and she is also an independent ASEA associate. She has developed this business model and concept for her team of ASEA independent associates.

Q: Why did Jacqualine choose ASEA 

A: For the past 15 years she experienced many different network marketing organisations and found that ASEA products and their company culture were the best fit for her business concept.  

(ASEA want to better people's lives and to be a force for good in the world. Become the recognized global leader in cellular health and redox-based technologies and achieve worldwide distribution of ASEA's life-changing products, financial opportunity, and culture).

Q: What inspired Jacqualine to develop this business concept?

A: Jacqualine has always believed that the network marketing industry needed a professional service that could support their products. Over the last 15 years, she has gained the necessary experience to develop this business for people who want to live a desired life. Additionally, she has created this opportunity for mothers who want to be with their families, because for her, family means everything.

Q: Do I have to become an ASEA Associate in order to become a LA PEAUX Ambassador?

A: Yes. To enjoy the benefits of a LA PEAUX Ambassador. 

Q: What if I only want to use ASEA products?

A: You can do that. Just enrol with Jacqualine Timms as a product user with ASEA.  

Q: Can I refer someone?

A: As a token of our appreciation, you can refer someone to us. If they join, you will receive a gift of our choice.

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