The Golden Circle



 A worldwide network of individuals supporting one another and driving positive change and transformation; we are a force for good!

  The Golden Circle of Change and Transformation is more than just a movement; it's a transformative space for women seeking financial independence, spiritual connection, and a deep love for health, beauty, and wellness. Moreover, it's a sanctuary for those helping themselves and sincerely dedicated to helping others along life's journey.

The Golden Circle of Change and Transformation is a powerful framework, popularized by Simon Sinek, that highlights the core elements of successful endeavors: the "Why," "How," and "What" of what you do. It's about starting with the purpose (the "Why"), then moving to the process (the "How"), and finally, the product or service (the "What").

In the context of Jacqualine's mission to change and transform women's lives., let's break down how it fits into the Golden Circle:

  1. Why: The LA PEAUX brand is driven by a profound purpose – to empower women worldwide to change and transform their lives and the lives of others. This is the heart of the Golden Circle movement, the driving force behind everything we do. It's about fostering beauty, wellness, personal and spiritual development, and financial security, all aimed at creating positive change in individuals and communities.

  2. How: The Golden Circle achieves its mission through a holistic approach, offering a comprehensive toolkit for personal change and transformation. This includes beauty products, wellness practices, personal and spiritual development resources, and opportunities for financial empowerment. The LA PEAUX Boutique Day Spa Salon, The Beauty & Wellness Consultant and the Golden Circle Membership serve as a vehicle for individuals to embark on their change and transformation journey. The Golden Circle community, both online and in-person, provides support, guidance, and inspiration along the way.

  3. What: The tangible offerings of LA PEAUX – Boutique Spa Salon Business Kit, Become a Beauty & Wellness Consultant and the Golden Circle community, and the Golden Circle Magazine and Success Guides – represent the products and services that support the overarching mission of the women's movement changing and transforming lives through beauty and wellness. These are the tools individuals can use to enrich their inner and outer beauty, connect with like-minded individuals, and share their transformational journey financially and spiritually with others.

By aligning with the Inner Golden Circle framework, LA PEAUX brand ensures that its mission remains at the forefront of everything it does. It's not just about selling products or services; it's about creating meaningful change in the lives of individuals and communities worldwide and leading others to the light. 


The Phoenix rising is the symbol that represents the founder's life experiences. 

The phoenix is a mythical golden bird associated with renewal and regeneration. Rising from the ashes of its previous life, the phoenix is a symbol of hope, of life and of better things to come, born from the knowledge and experience of difficult times and challenging circumstances.


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Golden Circle Lifetime Membership

Inner Circle Membership

Become apazrt of the inner circle and join the Golden Circle Community. The Lifetime Membership is tailored for women seeking a distinctive community of like-minded individuals. As a member, you'll join a vibrant community and gain access to online personal development workshops, spiritual guidance sessions, and more. Additionally, delight in a monthly edition of the Golden Circle Magazine, accompanied by guides drawn from the founder's 17 years of experience, enriching your journey.


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